Walk No. 4 From Moldovenesti to Piatra Secuiului



You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE
guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Transfer to the
starting point.

 This scenic walk offers you some very nice views and takes you through untouched nature.

You start out from a typical village with a white unitarian church. The walk starts in a beech wood, then you arrive to a great open meadow of gently rolling hills. Lots of limestone scattered, the whole area is dotted
with lonesome trees and you will see some animals grazing. You walk alternately
in open terrain and ddense woods, mostly beech and hornbeam, some pines here
and there. These are the last outcrops of the apuseni Mountains, so you will
have an unhindered vista of the inner rolling plateau of middle-Transylvania.
The path is gently but constantly rising, until you reach the 1128 m high peak
of Piatra Secuiului, the Sekler rock. Here you have the dazzling cliffs under
your feet, a sheer drop of 700 meters, you will be surprised how easily you
have overcomed them. Under your feet lies the beautiful village of Rimetea.
Around you a scenic world of white cliffs, sheer rock faces and towering
ridges. We descend amid these scenic rocks tot he village, a steep but beautiful
section of our walk. in the scenic villega of Rimetea, we have time to visit
the small museum and drink a couple beers, or you can spend the night here.

It can be combined with Walk no. 1, Walk no. 2, Walk no. 3.