Walk No. 12 Nera Gorges

You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Transfer to Oravita where you will spend the night.

The Nera is a really magnificient river, meandering in southern Romania. It has carved in the limestone plateau the longest gorges in the Carpathians. With its 22 kilometers, this is a really spectacular canyon to discover, providing an endless variety of meadows, gorges, cliff faces etc. We start out from the lower end of the canyon, and walk upstream. The walk is best done in the spring/early summer when there is plenty of water in the river. You cross a suspension bridge, and soon you find yourself on a very spectacular, 2000 years old road, which was carved in the rock by the Romans. This road runs in the rock faces, sometimes just above the water level, sometimes rising high above the water. This is no boring track, you have splendid panoramic views of the Nera River. You cross some tunnels, then you arrive to the confluence with the Bei river, the most spectacular river of the Banat region. (Walk no 13.) From here you still have an additional 1,5 h walk, until you reach the most spectacular part, where the old Roman road is totally carved in the rock face and the rock reaches out above the track like a ceiling. Soon the trail leads to the other side of the river, but this section is only passable in the summer as there is no bridge. (Easy walk, 9- 10 km, no considerable difference in altitude.)