Walk No. 15 Tasna Gorges

You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Transfer to Baile Herculane where you will spend the night.

In the morning we drive upstream the Cerna river, one of the most scenic rivers of the Southern Carpathinas. We start out on a steep path in a very nice beech-forest. (Trekking poles recommended) After like 40 minutes’ climb, we arrive to the entrance of the Gorge itself. From here you have magic panoramic view of the Cerna Mountains opposite and the whole Cerna Valley. A very interesting path leads from here on, it used to be a path for the former border guards as we are on the ancient borderline between Hungary and Romania. The whole area is a rocky paradise, the huge black pines characteristic to this region are perched in incredible positions on incredible rocks. The path winds beside a small creek, then it begins to rise and eventually leads out from the gorges. Here you find a waterfall and an old watermill, further on a typical „stana”, a shepherds dwelling. Huge trees, untouched forests, white rock faces everywhere, magical scenery. (Medium hike, 3-4 hours both ways, Distance: 6 km. Altitude: 400 m up, 400 m down.) It can easily be combined with walk no. 15.