Walk No. 21 - The Castle of Wonders

You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Transfer to Beius where you will spend the night.

In the morning we drive up to the Padis plateau, drive of 1 hour with some nice photo-stops. This is carstic palteau with lots of limestone-formation, caves, waterfalls, sinkholes and an endless variety of other beauties. The most impressive of them are the 3 huge sinkholes called the Castle of Wonders. We start out on a gently rolling path, after 30 minutes we arrive tot he famous Poiana Ponorului. This pristine meadow is like an ancient landscape untouched by human activity. A cristal clear little river, vivid green fields and huge surrounding pines make this place outstandingly beautiful. After crossing a small forest we descend ont he other side of a ridge, and arrive tot he Castle of Wonders. They are called the Castle because of their huge white walls resembling fortress. We follow the trail running round the rim of the sinkhole, offering some very nice vistas. This carstic region entertains us with lots of peculiar limestone formations. (Easy hike. Distance 8 km. Height difference 200 m up, 200 m down. Duration 3-4 hours.)