Walk No. 20 - The most purple trip of the year

You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE guided tour in the city, depending on your flight hours. Transfer to Beius where you will spend the night.

Once-in-a-lifetime-hike! If you like nature and flowers, this trip is a must for you. A long but easy walk takes you to one of the most amazing sights of the Carpathians: the flowering of the crocus. Early morning we drive up tot he high plateau of Pádis, this is a great location with lots of sights. You start to walk from here on a path through gently rolling hills, the path steadily rises towards the great ridge of the Bihor mountains. After a walk of 3-4 hours, across nice pine-woods and open areas with great views, you find yourself on great plains at an altitude of 1600 1700 m above sea level. These gently rolling fields are full of flowering crocuses, many huge purple areas after another. There are soo many flowers! On northerly slopes the snow is just melting and as soon as the snow melts, the small flowers emerge fom the soil. This is a great view, you should not miss it. Once you have marvelled and took all the necessary photos, we return more or less on the same path.

(Easy hike. Distance: 16 km. Height difference: 400 m up, 400 m down. Duration: 8-9 hours.)