Walk No. 35 - The highest peak of the Eastern Carpathians

You arrive to Cluj Napoca airport. You will have a FREE transfer from the airport. Depending on your flight hours, the same day or on the next day transfer to Maramures, where the actual hike starts from.

Time for a challenge. Climb to the top of the Eastern Carpathians, the magnificient Pietrosul Rodnei! This stony peak is 2303 meters high, just ideal for a daytrip. Although an early start is recommended. You start out at a very beautiful location, among hayfields and scenic pine trees, and you have a great morning view of the peak itself. Then you start the long walk towards the Pietrosul Rodnei Peak: on a winding track you climb higher and higher enjoying alternatively the great views of the Maramures Basin and the silence of dense pine forests. After like 2-3 hours of walking, on a constantly rising path, you reach the famous Iezer lake. This is a mountain lake at an altitude of 1825 meters, and also the „base camp” for any attempt to climb the peak itself. From here there is only a single track, winding in the mountainside, until it reaches the mountain crest. You should count an additional 1,5 hours from the lake tot he peak itself. Once you reach the crest you have an awesome view of all the ridges and peaks of the Rodnei. From here you still have an additional 300 metes to the top. The descent is back on the same track. The best time to climb is the second half of June, when the rododedrons are flowering, turning whole hillsides into pink. This is a must if you like mountains and flowers.

(Medium hike, not very difficult, but long and takes up the whole day. Walking poles recommended. Distance 16 km. Height difference 1300 m up, 1300 m down. Duration 10-12 hours.)