Walk No. 37 - The Cockscomb - a strange rock formation

At the edge of the Maramures Valley, there is tha small but scenic mountain renge of Gutin. The Gutin is not very high, the highest point being 1445 m, but reaches the altitude of the alpine meadows. As there is no forest ont eh top, it offers really spectacular views in all directions. The most striking feature of the Gutin is the Cockscomb, a striking rock formation resembling a fowl’s comb. The rocks are of vulcanic origin, and are the only remaining part of an ancient volcano crater. A really nice hike leads tot he Cockscomb, acros very varied terrein, which offers you some of the best panoramas of Maramures County. There is also the option of walking across the Gutin and descending ont he other and at Neteda pass. This second version requires a whole day.

 (Easy hike with a somewhat steep section just before the Cockscomb. Length: 15 km. Height difference: 700 m up, 700 m down. Duration: 7-8 hours.)